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Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder Review


The packaging is a light-weight plastic. It is a slightly cheap looking but as long as it closes properly and doesn’t break I am okay with it. I do like the mint colour and small size of it. The puff is really soft and puffy which I really like. 


It is a translucent powder so it is a white coloured powder. I sometimes get iffy about buying translucent powder because it sometimes isn’t translucent and leaves a white cast. However, this powder doesn’t leave a white cast and is actually translucent. The loose powder is also really finely milled!


The holes that allow product to be tapped out to use are quite large for such a finely milled powder. Therefore I end up getting too much powder than needed for my face. What I find works best to get an appropriate amount of powder out is to remove the puff, close the lid and lift the powder up with one quick movement as if your hand has just jumped. I do not turn it upside down because I end up getting too much powder with that method due to the large holes.

I use a powder brush and sometimes the puff for the more oily or concealed areas. Because it is so finely milled, I sometimes breathe it in and the smell for some reason reminds of my sherbet powder and was really strong with fragrance, which I am not fond of.


It gives a matte finish, which I like and was expecting. It doesn't look cakey which I really appreciate too.

Setting Power

Now I used this powder on top of the Face Shop Face it Aura Control Cream, so I don’t know to what extent the lasting power and oil control was caused by the CC cream. I have really oily skin and so my face produces a lot of oil throughout the day which then causes my makeup to move around and melt off. My face after a good 8hrs of having this powder on (I didn't touch up anything during the day) looked amazing! My makeup was perfect. There was no creasing or anything!

Oil Control

Concerning the oils, usually by the end of the day my skin looks like a roast chicken meaning so oily and greasy. Using this powder, by the end of the day I had a slight glow but it wasn't a disgusting oily glow. So I think this powder is really good at controlling my oils.


5g of product and I purchased it for $6.45USD at Koreadepart. Such a good price I have to say!


Translucent colour
Matte finish but not cakey
Great oil control
Great setting powder
Good soft puff


Unpleasant sherbet powder and strong fragrance smell
Difficult to tap out the specific amount of product you want

Final Verdict

Packaging 3/5 (I just dislike have to tap the product out I always end up tapping out too little or to much)
Formula/Colour 5/5
Finish 5/5
Setting Power 5/5
Oil control 5/5

Overall 4.5/5 I think if I bought the pressed powder form it would be 5/5
I would definitely recommend those with oily skin to try out this powder!

Thank you for reading!

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Friday, 27 June 2014

The Face Shop Face it Aura Colour Control Cream (No.2 Natural Beige) Review


I find the compact quite bulky and big, but its reasonable considering you can pop out the inner part (where the product is stored) from the outer case to then replace it with a refill. This will save money from buying a new compact.

It is a unique compact where you push down to pump product out from within the compact. I do like this concept, however I don’t like how there’s a set amount every time you push down.  It is difficult to push out half a pump.


I have No.2 Natural beige. The colour is a little lighter than my skin tone. However, I consider that lightness the radiance that this cc cream claims to do.

The cc cream claims to have a darkening proof formula and I agree. It didn’t oxidise and looked the same from first application to the end of the day.


It comes with its own sponge/ puff. The sponge feels really soft, however I haven’t used the sponge. There is something about a clean new sponge that makes me not want to dirty it haha.

The method I find that works the best is to dot this product all around my face and then pat and tap the product in with my hands. I only use 1 pump for my whole face. I would use another half pump to layer a bit more on my cheeks and to add on my neck but sadly I can’t do that because of the packaging.

The consistency is a little thicker than bb cream, leaning towards a foundation consistency. I have read some reviews that say that this product is very cakey on their skin. When I first applied this cc cream, I did find it to look and feel really thick and cakey. I was really saddened by this. However, within seconds the cc cream sets and looks and feels so natural and so flawless!!  I love how looks after it sets!


The coverage is light to medium. It doesn't conceal my acne scars and spots, which I already expected from this product being a cc cream, so I am okay with that. What it does do really well is remove redness and make my dull skintone radiant and more even. I love it! It just brightens up my dull complexion and makes me look healthy and radiant.


It leaves a natural satin finish on my oily combination face. I love the finish! I don't understand why its called ‘Aura’ Colour control cream because it doesn't leave the most glowy finish I would expect from an ‘Aura’ product. Saying that it doesn’t dry out my skin either but then again I have really oily skin.

Lasting Power

I applied this cc cream at 10am and came home at 6pm. It was a rather hot day with cold windy moments (This is the bipolar weather of Australia), so I sweated a little. I came home and looked in the mirror and was AMAZED at how lovely my skin looked. The cc cream did not melt off or move into any fine lines and maintained the same flawless natural appearance it gave my skin in the morning. I have really oily skin so when using bb cream or foundation, by the end of the day the bb cream would’ve melted off or into fine lines and my face would look horrible, cakey and oily. So, I was amazed at that this cc cream stayed perfectly on my skin all day long. My skin looked glowy but not oily (However, I did powder my face using the Innisfree No-Sebum Powder. So maybe the powder also contributes to the lasting power and oil control?)


It comes with 20g of product. It retails from $20- $45AUD depending on where you purchase it. I bought it at Koreadepart for $20USD which was a bargain since I usually find it costing $45. But its quality, I think its worth every dollar!


Brightens and evens out dull skin
Natural Satin Finish
Light to Medium coverage (better than other cc creams which give no coverage)
Hides redness
Long lasting


Doesn't conceal blemishes and spots (however you have to expect that from a cc cream)
A little expensive
May be not glowy enough for some (May not suit dry skintypes)

Final Verdict

Packaging 2/5 (I honestly would rather it in a tube where I can control how much I squeeze out)
Colour 4.5/5 (It is a tad lighter than my skintone)
Application 5/5
Coverage 5/5 (For a cc cream lovely coverage. Not comparing to bbcream/foundation)
Finish 5/5
Lasting Power 5/5
Price 4.5/5

5/5 I love this product so much! Definitely buying a refill when I run out.

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Innisfree Mineral Perfect Concealer (No.2 Natural Beige) Review


The concealer is in a matte-finish plastic jar.  I actually had to take a second look and feel to realize the jar wasn’t glass! The packaging is really sturdy and nicely made. I’m glad the jar isn’t glass due to the fact that I am clumsy and do my makeup in the bathroom!


No.2 Natural beige suits my medium yellow toned skintone really well. It is made to conceal skin imperfections and blemishes so there are no brightening properties.


The consistency is rather thick. You have to really use your fingers or work the brush really well until the concealer warms up to a creamy and not drying consistency.


Using a concealer brush or a small tipped brush would be the most appropriate for this pot concealer. My fingertips are too big to dot this concealer onto small blemishes and spots. I use a brush to dot the concealer to spots and then tap and blend in the product with my fingers.


This concealer is really thick and drying. You can't really layer this concealer since it tends to look cakey. 

This product conceals my spots and blemishes relatively well. It covers redness and light scars really well. However, I find this this concealer to look too cakey on my skin and especially on dry spots.

Lasting Power

Great lasting power, my blemishes are still concealed by the end of the day. (I did use a primer and powder though) However, the concealer did sink into my fine lines.


This product contains 8g of product. I paid $10.83USD for it on Koreadepart. For a really good concealer, I think the price is really affordable.


Medium coverage (can be full if you don't have really dark blemishes)
Good oil control


Can look cakey
Can sink into fine lines by end of the day
Accentuates dry areas
Doesn’t completely conceal my darker spots

Final Verdict

Packaging 4/5 
Colour 5/5 
Consistency 2/5
Application 3/5 
Coverage 3.5/5 
Finish 3/5
Price 5/5

Overall, 2/5 It doesn't fully conceal my spots, looks cakey and really accentuates my dry spots. I would definitely NOT recommend this concealer to people with dry skin.

UPDATE (19/9/2014)
Because of my updated skincare, I now have no dry patches and softer/ less oily skin overall. Because of my current skin condition, concealing with this concealer is really nice. So I would still not recommend this concealer to those with dry skin (it may accentuate dry areas) or extremely oily skin (it may move around and seep into lines), however if you have normal skin i think it might be a good concealer for you!

New Overall score based on my current skincare, 3.5/5 It is still abit cakey but conceals well.

Thank you for reading!
I hope you found this review helpful!

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint (No.2 Orange) Review


The tint is in a typical tint bottle packaging.  I can’t really say much about it. It's simple and effective. It’s slim and small enough to keep in your bag for on the go. When opening the bottle, a stopper helps control how much product you want to be on the applicator.


It is a true vibrant orange. I love it! It stains really well with one coat (as seen in the photo) and is buildable from a subtle orange tint to a more vibrant orange.

The tint isn’t drying on your lips either which is good.


It has a doe foot application which is appropriate for the watery consistency of the tint.

Whenever I use this tint, I conceal the natural dark pigmentation of my lips. I then start applying the tint from the inner part of my lips. I find it best if you wait 2-3 seconds and then blend with your fingers to create a nice pigmented gradation on your lips. If I don’t wait a few seconds most of the product ends up on my fingertips.

I also dab a few spots on my cheeks as a blusher and it works really well. It is easy to blend and gives off a subtle fresh flush to the cheeks.


The scent is so lovely and nostalgic. It smells like artificial orange, but to me it smells like this orange popsicle I used to eat during summer as a child. It brings me back to my primary school days and reminds me of summer. I love it!

This tint also doesn’t have a weird taste unlike the bitterness I taste after applying Benefits Benetint.

Lasting Power

This tint lasts for so long! Even after eating and drinking. It definitely lasts longer than the etude fresh cherry tints. However, I would say Benefits Benetint lasts longer.


I paid $4.39USD at Koreadepart. It has 9ml of product. For such a beautiful tint that works well it is so affordable!


Buildable, blendable and vibrant
Nice orange scent
Long lasting!
Can be used on the cheeks as a blush



Final Verdict

Packaging 5/5 (Simple and appropriate)
Colour/Pigmentation 5/5 (True orange and buildable)
Scent/Taste 5/5 (Lovely orange scent, no taste)
Lasting Power 5/5 (really long lasting)
Price 5/5 (Inexpensive for such a good product)

Overall, 5/5 Love it!

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

3CE Lip Color (509 Violeta) Review


The sleek black packaging is a sturdy plastic material that has a matte-like finish (meaning fingerprint-proof yes!). I really like the packaging. Its very simple, clean and crisp. It doesn't feel or look cheap either. The only negative I can say is that it may be a bit bulky considering how little product there is (3.5g). It also comes in a beautiful box, which makes me not want to throw that box away!


The colour is described as a subtle magenta with an oriental mood. I think that's a pretty accurate description. It is a vibrant pinky-purple/magenta colour with a warm undertone which makes it appropriate for asian skin tones. It also has no glitter which I love! Shimmery lipsticks do not sit well on my chapped lips >< 

The promotional photos are very true to the colour of lipstick. On the model, It does appear slightly more pink and bright than in reality (or even compared to the promotional swatch image). I was worried the colour would be too bold or vibrant for my medium skintone, but its beautiful! It brightens up my complexion! I love this colour!


The Lipstick is a satin finish. It's not matte but not too glossy which is the perfect finish for me. I love the smooth creamy formula of this lipstick. It just glides so smoothly over my lips. As long as I don't apply too much product, the product wont seep into my lip cracks or move around. 

Coverage /Pigmentation

The coverage is amazing. You only need one thin coat to achieve a beautiful vibrant colour. Even though its creamy and moisturising, It doesn't feel like I have a layer of lipstick on my lips and the finish is so natural! 

This lipstick doesn't stain but the gradient effect can easily be achieved by dabbing a few spots and spreading the colour out with your fingers or a lip brush.

Lasting Power

It lasts for quite a long time being a creamy lipstick and having non matte finish. It will transfer when you eat or drink though.


I bought it online at Koreadepart on sale for $13.97USD which I believe is really inexpensive considering drugstore lipsticks in Australia cost $20+


- Pigmented formula
- Not drying
- Relatively inexpensive
- Lasts a good 3-4 hours before fading a tad bit


- Transfers
- Packaging a bit bulky

Final Verdict

Packaging 4.5/5 (bulky for how much product)
Colour 5/5 (beautiful colour with accurate online depictions)
Formula 5/5 (Creamy but not too the point of slipping around on your lips)
Coverage/ Pigmentation 5/5 (build-able from tint to vibrant lip)
Price 5/5


5/5 Would recommend and would definitely repurchase and purchase other colours!

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this review helpful!

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Koreadepart Haul #1

1. Its Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector

I have been wanting a serum to whiten my acne scars, hyperpigmentation and overall dull, uneven skintone. This particular essence in the Power 10 line is for brightening containing Vitamin C. Vitamin C has worked well in the past for me and this serum was listed on Koreadepart as one of the 'HOT ITEMS' and bestsellers. It was also very affordable so I decided to choose this essence. Lets see if it does any good for my skin!

2. Secret Key Snail + EGF Repairing Gel Cream

This cream is my first snail product. I don't know exactly the percentage of snail mucus there is in this cream but its one of the bestsellers and one of the cheaper snail creams on the site. I didn't want to splurge on snail cream since it is my first time trying a snail product. I don't know how my skin will react to it. There are 2 versions of this cream, a gel formula and normal cream texture. Since I have oily skin I opted for the gel cream. 

3. The Face Shop Face It Aura Control Cream (No.2 Natural Beige)

I have been eyeing this product for the longest time. Whenever I past the face shop in sydney I cry a little inside since the prices are CRAZY expensive. Koreadepart offers this Control Cream for half the price so I had to purchase it!

Review on this control cream here

4. Innisfree Smart Foundation Perfect Cover (No. 23 Natural Beige)

I watch Pony's Beauty Dairy on Youtube regularly. She is a korean ulzzang that makes really helpful and pretty korean makeup videos and they have english subtitles!! There was this one video where she used the Innis smart foundation range and I found it really interesting so I had to buy it to try it out myself. Even if she is sponsored by Innisfree, I must I she sells it well (hence why a lot of products I have bought are Innisfree) Check out that video here

My review on this foundation here

5. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder 

This product has been raved about everywhere so I decided to buy it. I also have really oily skin so i hope this will control the oils. It is transparent so I don't have to worry about it matching my skintone! 

Review on this powder here

6. Innisfree Mineral Perfect Concealer (No.2 Natural Beige)

I saw a korean youtuber mention this as her top favourite concealer for blemishes. I have quite a few blemishes so I was really interested in this concealer. Pony also uses it in numerous videos so I wanted to try it out. I am running out of my Maybelline fit me concealer so i can't wait to use it! If you wanted to check out what video I was talking about click here

If you want to read my review on this concealer click here!

7. Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit (No.2 For Brightening Dark Circles)

I have major dark under eye circles. I am studying architecture at university. If you know anyone who is in that field you will know they do not get much sleep. My dark circles are so horrible since the course just keeps on getting more intense. I heard really good reviews about this concealer kit so I hope it hides my panda eyes well!

8. Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint (No.2 Orange)

Orange lips and gradation lips are so pretty and trendy. I wanted a tint that would be longlasting and pigmented. This tint have really good reviews and its from innisfree so I was like why not? 

My review on this tint here!

9. 3CE Lip Color (509 Violeta)

This is my first 3CE product. I have been really into pinky purple lip colours, seeing korean idols and actresses pull them off so beautifully, I really wanted a lip colour as vibrant and pretty! This colour is beautiful and seemed not too vibrant for my medium skin tone. It was also on sale too! 

Full Review here.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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First Impressions and Reviews on these products will be coming soon!

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