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Innisfree Mineral Perfect Concealer (No.2 Natural Beige) Review


The concealer is in a matte-finish plastic jar.  I actually had to take a second look and feel to realize the jar wasn’t glass! The packaging is really sturdy and nicely made. I’m glad the jar isn’t glass due to the fact that I am clumsy and do my makeup in the bathroom!


No.2 Natural beige suits my medium yellow toned skintone really well. It is made to conceal skin imperfections and blemishes so there are no brightening properties.


The consistency is rather thick. You have to really use your fingers or work the brush really well until the concealer warms up to a creamy and not drying consistency.


Using a concealer brush or a small tipped brush would be the most appropriate for this pot concealer. My fingertips are too big to dot this concealer onto small blemishes and spots. I use a brush to dot the concealer to spots and then tap and blend in the product with my fingers.


This concealer is really thick and drying. You can't really layer this concealer since it tends to look cakey. 

This product conceals my spots and blemishes relatively well. It covers redness and light scars really well. However, I find this this concealer to look too cakey on my skin and especially on dry spots.

Lasting Power

Great lasting power, my blemishes are still concealed by the end of the day. (I did use a primer and powder though) However, the concealer did sink into my fine lines.


This product contains 8g of product. I paid $10.83USD for it on Koreadepart. For a really good concealer, I think the price is really affordable.


Medium coverage (can be full if you don't have really dark blemishes)
Good oil control


Can look cakey
Can sink into fine lines by end of the day
Accentuates dry areas
Doesn’t completely conceal my darker spots

Final Verdict

Packaging 4/5 
Colour 5/5 
Consistency 2/5
Application 3/5 
Coverage 3.5/5 
Finish 3/5
Price 5/5

Overall, 2/5 It doesn't fully conceal my spots, looks cakey and really accentuates my dry spots. I would definitely NOT recommend this concealer to people with dry skin.

UPDATE (19/9/2014)
Because of my updated skincare, I now have no dry patches and softer/ less oily skin overall. Because of my current skin condition, concealing with this concealer is really nice. So I would still not recommend this concealer to those with dry skin (it may accentuate dry areas) or extremely oily skin (it may move around and seep into lines), however if you have normal skin i think it might be a good concealer for you!

New Overall score based on my current skincare, 3.5/5 It is still abit cakey but conceals well.

Thank you for reading!
I hope you found this review helpful!

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