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Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder Review


The packaging is a light-weight plastic. It is a slightly cheap looking but as long as it closes properly and doesn’t break I am okay with it. I do like the mint colour and small size of it. The puff is really soft and puffy which I really like. 


It is a translucent powder so it is a white coloured powder. I sometimes get iffy about buying translucent powder because it sometimes isn’t translucent and leaves a white cast. However, this powder doesn’t leave a white cast and is actually translucent. The loose powder is also really finely milled!


The holes that allow product to be tapped out to use are quite large for such a finely milled powder. Therefore I end up getting too much powder than needed for my face. What I find works best to get an appropriate amount of powder out is to remove the puff, close the lid and lift the powder up with one quick movement as if your hand has just jumped. I do not turn it upside down because I end up getting too much powder with that method due to the large holes.

I use a powder brush and sometimes the puff for the more oily or concealed areas. Because it is so finely milled, I sometimes breathe it in and the smell for some reason reminds of my sherbet powder and was really strong with fragrance, which I am not fond of.


It gives a matte finish, which I like and was expecting. It doesn't look cakey which I really appreciate too.

Setting Power

Now I used this powder on top of the Face Shop Face it Aura Control Cream, so I don’t know to what extent the lasting power and oil control was caused by the CC cream. I have really oily skin and so my face produces a lot of oil throughout the day which then causes my makeup to move around and melt off. My face after a good 8hrs of having this powder on (I didn't touch up anything during the day) looked amazing! My makeup was perfect. There was no creasing or anything!

Oil Control

Concerning the oils, usually by the end of the day my skin looks like a roast chicken meaning so oily and greasy. Using this powder, by the end of the day I had a slight glow but it wasn't a disgusting oily glow. So I think this powder is really good at controlling my oils.


5g of product and I purchased it for $6.45USD at Koreadepart. Such a good price I have to say!


Translucent colour
Matte finish but not cakey
Great oil control
Great setting powder
Good soft puff


Unpleasant sherbet powder and strong fragrance smell
Difficult to tap out the specific amount of product you want

Final Verdict

Packaging 3/5 (I just dislike have to tap the product out I always end up tapping out too little or to much)
Formula/Colour 5/5
Finish 5/5
Setting Power 5/5
Oil control 5/5

Overall 4.5/5 I think if I bought the pressed powder form it would be 5/5
I would definitely recommend those with oily skin to try out this powder!

Thank you for reading!

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