Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Arituam Full Cover BB cream No.2 Natural Beige Review

New review on the popular Arituam Full Cover BB cream!


It is a nice controllable tube containing a good 50ml of product.


No.2 Natural Beige is grey toned. My skin suits more neutral and yellow-based foundations.  Due to the grey undertone of this bb cream, it leaves a slight white cast on my face. However, because the tube contains so much product, I apply the bb cream down my neck so the white cast isn’t too noticeable.


If you haven’t yet watched the ad that made all of Korea wanting the products in this range, watch the video below. The before and after using this bb cream on the video was amazing, winning me over to buy this bb cream since I have quite a few acne scars and blemishes.

Sadly it didn't fully cover my scars like how it did in the ad, but it did do a decent job considering it's a bb cream.  It evened out my skintone and covered the lightest scars and redness. I would say it has a foundation consistency and medium to full coverage.

You can layer this bb cream for more coverage but be sure you layer in thin layers.


It has a semi matte finish. This bb cream leaves a natural finish. 

I dot this bb cream over my face and neck concentrating on the spots and blemishes, then pat in the bb cream using an air puff. I find the air puff leaves the most natural finish to my skin.

Staying Power

It lasts a good 6 hours. Any longer on my oily skin, it becomes cakey and patchy. It has a great oil control. By the end of the day, I have a soft glow. (I do use innisfree no sebum powder  over this bb cream however)


A great 50ml of product for $14.85USD at BeautynetKorea. I say its a great affordable price for how much product you get.


Decent Coverage for BB cream (Foundation like)
A lot of product for an affordable price
Decent lasting power


Grey toned giving me a white cast
Not full cover as shown in the ad

Final Verdict

Colour 2/5 
Coverage 4/5
Finish 5/5
Staying power 4/5
Price 5/5

Overall, 3/5 Good coverage, Great oil control, Great sun protection properties, decent lasting power and natural finish. I am just disappointed at how it is greytoned.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Thank you for your detailed and informative review. I have oily skin too and after looking around your blog I am just so glad I found it. Definitely looking forward to your new posts in the future!