Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Peripera's Peri Tint Crayon Review

This is only my second lip product from Peripera, but I love the two products so much that I have to say Peripera is my current favourite brand for lip products! Today I will be reviewing Peripera's Peri Tint Crayon in #5 Fruit Sunny. Enjoy!

Peripera's Peri's Tint Crayon
#5 Fruity Sunny (6 colours in range)
$7.65USD from BeautynetKorea


As you can see, the packaging from the box to the actual crayon is adorable and unique. I commend them in putting such amazing effort in having a unique pencil shaped box packaging. It makes me not want to throw it away.

The pencil itself is twistable, however the twist is very loose. So if you plan to carry it your bag or pocket or you are just not being careful, this looseness can cause the tip to uncontrollable roll up and squash to the top of the lid.


#5 Fruity Sunny is described to give you 'Mediterranean sun like hot and sexy orange lips.' It is a very beautiful bright coral colour. 


The crayon has a creamy- lipstick like formula. I would say it leaves a satin/ semi-matte finish to the lips. It is not glossy but doesn't dry out or accentuate any lip dryness. 


It is incredibly pigmented like a lipstick. When ordering this tint crayon online, I was anticipating it to be like a sheer balm. The formula is so creamy and pigmented. I am very very impressed! 

Staining power

Being marketed as a Tint Crayon, I was expecting it to stain my lips relatively well. It did not leave any stain to it. I feel this product is more so a lipstick then tint. 

Lasting Power

Ofcourse being a creamy, lipstick formula, I knew it would transfer, especially if eating or drinking. However, if you do not drink or eat, it lasts a long time without drying out or anything of the sort. Just be sure to have a mirror handy since it is a vibrant colour.


Very pigmented
Moisturising- doesn't accentuate dryness/cracks
Semi-matte finish
Light orange scent to the crayon


Packaging- Twist is too loose
Application can get messy

Final Verdict

Packaging 1/5
Colour 5/5 
Formula 5/5
Pigmentation 5/5
Staining power 0/5
Lasting Power 4/5

Overall score


Thank you for reading. I hope you found my review helpful!

Until next time, take care!